the higher the speed the shorter the braking distance

At the lowest initial speed, the shortest braking distance was when the vehicle was loaded with just 1 tonne cargo placed directly above the drive axle. 2nd place in Dry handling. ... the braking distance might be 25% shorter. Speed is also a major contributory factor to the severity of a crash. The F1 Commission is set to vote on a sprint race proposal at Thursday’s meeting after the idea was tabled by the sport’s CEO Stefano Domenicali during a media call last week. On a circuit, the shorter the distance, the higher the speed. The higher the traction coefficient is, the shorter the braking distance will be [source: Jones & Childers]. Put values on the vertical scale (y axis) and label this axis. The braking distance was 0.5m shorter, than the next tire. The braking distance at 50mph is 38m - almost twice as long as a cricket pitch. In the C1 Case, with v1 being the original speed, v2 the target speed, v2

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